…Not Chris Lilley. Some actress picked it up instead.

In what was an incredibly long event, filled with shameless plugs by Nine Network, the biggest disappointment in Australian television history occurred when Chris Lilley was denied the Gold Logie for Summer Height’s High.

Even Hamish and Andy, comedic gold, seemed to swing and miss tonight. Perhaps they need to stick with their powerhouse radio show? The highlight was, lo and behold, Chris Lilley’s Mr G performance. At least they recognised him (and good quality television) by awarding him the Most Popular Actor and Most Outstanding Comedy.

Can’t wait to see what he does next.

My most anticipated movie of 2008 is The Dark Knight. I cannot wait to see it. What I’ve really enjoyed is the marketing strategy that’s been used to promote the film, particularly their successful use of viral campaigning. The latest is a reel of footage given to contest winners that has been “vandalised” by the Joker. The Dork Knight immediately found its way onto YouTube here



These guys sure do know how to generate buzz. However, I would have seen the movie anyway and bought the DVD, even without this. I wonder at what point does a campaign become pointless in terms of ROI for something already this big?

I’ve spoken previously about how much I disliked the anti piracy campaign. Here it is…



And here is the new one. Unfortunately its not anywhere on Youtube (sigh) but you click on the link and scroll down to watch it.

The first essentially calls me a criminal while the second effectively raises awareness and gets you thinking. Now tell me, which do you prefer?

Last time I asked if Facebook could make Twitter obsolete. And with Facebook’s new chat feature, I wonder if it can make MSN Messenger and other such software outdated.

Perhaps in a few months we’ll see audio options to wipe out Skype and finally video options to bin ooVoo?

Perhaps this video isn’t too inaccurate..?


I’ve always found the bottled water market interesting. I never thought I’d find myself purchasing something you could just as easily get for free but now I do.

Apparently it’s a very competitive market. So competitive in fact, particularly in the flavoured water market, that… well… you can see for yourself…


Two complete difference brands, Nutrient Water and Vitamin Water, yet so similar. The one thing I do like is the creative copy, although its not as clever as Another Bloody Water, which I’ve already blogged about.

But what I find most interesting about the bottled water market is the brand Evian. It’s either incredibly creative or just plain stupid, but if you spell Evian backwards you get… Naive. Perhaps I should reconsider my decision to purchase bottled water in future.

And on a side note, Stan, note the use of reflections in the first image.

The Grr campaign has been launched. I have no idea what its about but I like it although it does remind me of Sprite’s Truth Hunter campaign.

On one hand, the promotion is far better. They’ve been using Hamish and Andy by asking contestants to do things that make you go “Grr” for $1,000. One contestant had to get home wearing just his underwear. Another had to listen to the same song for two hours. I’ve also seen some clever print ads.

On the other hand, I’m failing to see the brand tie in. There is a small Optus logo on the website but I’m really not seeing the connection. Perhaps its a shampaign with more to come soon… perhaps not.

I’ll be interested to see where this goes.

And on a side note, the thing that makes me go “Grr” at the moment is Connex.

I am really big fan of Improv Everywhere, who are the creative group responsible for this Frozen Grand Central stunt…



There’s a load more Missions on the website, some dating back to 2001 that are worth checking out.

The group has generated a lot of interest lately, so much so that people have been organising their own stunts in their own countries. Check out their Ning site here to sign up.

Melbourne’s very own freeze is happening on the 29th of April at Federation Square. Do you think more than five people will turn up? If so, is this something the media will jump on?

This post is aimed at the world of academics and I am sure my views are shared by my fellow undergraduate students.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Harvard Referencing System, the title refers to an intext reference. However you would never see a reference from Wikipedia because it is not an legitimately recognised source. This is of course ignoring the fact that Wikipedia now has over two million articles making it the largest ever encyclopedia. This is also forgetting that this is the most contributed to with over two hundred million edits, creating the most unbiased source of information on the Interweb.

So why can’t this be used as a credible source? To further establish their credibility, Wikipedia has recently implemented a mandatory referencing system, particularly on theory based articles. We’ve also seen Google launch Google Scholar allowing the search for academic based journals and articles.

The way in which we seek information has changed. I am a University student who has never been into the library. So why isn’t it possible to reference the biggest source of information on the Internet? Or a blog? Or a podcast? The Internet is no longer a source people can’t trust.

The academics of today are not living in today’s world where the way in which we communicate has changed.

Channel Nine are bringing a show to Australia called Hole In The Wall. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, which is likely, here is the original Japanese version…



I was under the impression that now the Writer’s Strike is over we didn’t need to produce crappy replacement filler?