Na Na Na Na Na Batman

My most anticipated movie of 2008 is The Dark Knight. I cannot wait to see it. What I’ve really enjoyed is the marketing strategy that’s been used to promote the film, particularly their successful use of viral campaigning. The latest is a reel of footage given to contest winners that has been “vandalised” by the Joker. The Dork Knight immediately found its way onto YouTube here



These guys sure do know how to generate buzz. However, I would have seen the movie anyway and bought the DVD, even without this. I wonder at what point does a campaign become pointless in terms of ROI for something already this big?
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  • Julian Cole
    Posted at May 5, 2008 1:33am, 05 May Reply

    Over promotion? It is a really interesting question.

    However in the case of Batman, I didnt know about the movie, so i guess if you can get your hardcore fanboys (not calling you one) spreading the message to their other friends who are not as big fans, i think there is still some value in promotion.

    This is the only thing that I have seen about the Batman movie, which i picked up off a blog tonight.

    They do not seem to be big fans of the marketing though.

    However over promotion is the reason for Cadbury glass and a half production, they decided to make emotional connections because they thought they had high enough levels of awareness. But I ask this, for new consumers (kids) who have not been exposed to the message all their life, are they losing getting this initial awareness?????

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