Ideas From 2014 That Didn’t Happen

One of my more engaging posts last year was list of Ideas From 2013 That Didn’t Happen, so I thought I’d do it again. It feels like a healthy habit to clean out the ones collecting dust. If I haven’t done anything with them during the year, it’s likely I won’t do anything at all.

Interestingly, an item on last year’s list did get back on my radar. (The magnetic Beerend is currently in the running to win some funding and you can help by voting it as the People’s Choice.)

Here are the ideas I didn’t/couldn’t do anything with this year.

  • An app that tracks who’s borrowed your stuff. The app maintains a list of what you’ve lent and what you’ve borrowed, with friendly reminders of when they’re due back.
  • A craft beer advent calendar for December counting down the days until Christmas.
  • A ten-pack of craft beer for Australia Day, with the top 10 beers from the previous Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers.
  • A case study/white paper using Facebook’s hyper-targeted advertising to get a message in front of a celebrity, probably someone like Kevin Smith. (Since first writing this done, it was executed much more creatively when a guy did the same thing to prank his roommate.)
  • A movement to cleanse the internet of banner ads. The initiative would purchase advertising space and instead display pictures of cats that would click through to a site asking for more funds.
  • An online community for non-profit grassroots sports clubs to share and collaborate. The objective would be to foster knowledge sharing of best practice and process, bulk discount ordering, supplier recommendations, etc.
  • A website that connects crowd-funding projects with brands.
  • A project commissioning people from different cultures to draw a ‘dick and balls’, similar to this project where a woman asked people around the world to Photoshop her. (Okay, immature, but would be fun.)
  • An app that takes two selfies and merges them together to not look like a selfie.
Again I’ve held off on posting the full list, with hopes to progress on a few of the ‘better’ ones. But if you see something you like, hit me up when you’re rich.
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