Ideas From 2013 That Didn’t Happen

There’s a list on my phone called ‘Crazy Ideas’. Some of the items are starting to collect dust so it’s time I cleaned them out before next year.

But before deleting them, I thought I’d share. Maybe you can do something with them that I couldn’t.

So the following is a collection of ideas I had this year that didn’t or aren’t going to happen. I either didn’t know how to start them, discovered they’d already been done or, after further consideration, decided they were shit.

  • An app for the Australian Red Cross Blood Service to easily make and change bookings. It would also remind you when you’re due to donate again.
  • A website to connect casual investors with wannabe inventors. Think Dragon’s Den meets Kickstarter.
  • An ‘In Case of Emergency’ app that sits on your phone if you’re in an accident. Ambulance Officers would have a unique password to access information about who to contact and what you’re allergic to.
  • Beerend that works on glass shelf fridges.
  • An app for sharing a single shopping list across multiple users. There’s a few already out there but they are expensive and naff.
  • A WordPress plugin to easily create wedding registries where each item is tagged with an affiliate marketing link. This revenue would help pay for the couple’s honeymoon.
  • A companion app to allow for asynchronous media consumption discussion.
  • An eBook for university students about how to get a job in digital marketing.
  • An app to make and track casual bets among friends. Most likely called Bets With Friends.
  • Single charge iPhone power packs for festivals and emergency situations.
  • An app to easily block out or censor information on a photo/image before sharing it online. Possibly called Blackout.
There’s a few others on the list that I might share another time (hopefully not this time next year) but if you think you can do anything with any of the above, let me know how you go.
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  • Cori
    Posted at November 13, 2013 12:19pm, 13 November Reply

    I want an app that links to your calendar to record when people pike on catch ups with friends. I call it Pikeometer.

  • Olivia Riddle
    Posted at November 13, 2013 12:29pm, 13 November Reply

    My fav idea isn't there which makes me think you are working on it!

  • Luke Marshall
    Posted at November 13, 2013 2:14pm, 13 November Reply

    "An eBook for university students about how to get a job in digital marketing."

    Probably a bit more boring than some on the list, but really wish I had such a book before wasting my time on other disciplines first.

  • Stan Lee
    Posted at November 13, 2013 11:54pm, 13 November Reply

    In theory all marketing is digital Luke. Hence there is no need for the book.

  • Melanie Burns
    Posted at December 3, 2013 4:01pm, 03 December Reply

    "Single charge iPhone power packs for festivals and emergency situations."

    Does this count?

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