Water Wonderwall

A few months ago a water feature was installed on the corner of Swanston Street and Collins Street in Melbourne. For a while, the large stone wall with water cascading down one side remained untouched. But then slowly people walking passed realised that the leaves from the trees surrounding the feature could be stuck to the wall. Quickly, messages and pictures started appearing. A walk passed this wall each lunch time would have a new piece of art every day.

As I’ve said before, people like to think they’re creative. Yet not enough brands create things for people to interact with. This water feature is the perfect example, and it wasn’t even intended to be.

I wonder what a digital/mobile version of this would look like.

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  • Stan Lee
    Posted at May 21, 2011 1:33am, 21 May Reply

    Excellent observation Zac.
    As an aside, it didn't just spring up – It was there all the time, but covered up during the "all fountains turned off" drought period.

  • Jason Tsitsopoulos
    Posted at June 8, 2011 1:13pm, 08 June Reply

    I guess this would only work in Autumn. But yes I love to get all creative like that. And this is the thing about Australia and Melbourne and what not. We like to think we're all creative and beautiful and what not and our city's the best. But in my travels I have seen many more things that are creative and interactive in other cities. Melbourne ought to pick up their game I tells ya!

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