Ideas Are Cheap. And So Is Making Them Happen.

Ideas are cheap. You’ve probably heard that before. We all have lots of them, sometimes everyday. That’s the easy part. But an idea is nothing without someone to bring it to life. It’s the people who can actually make shit happen that are the successful ones.

And in the past, you couldn’t blame someone for not making something happen. It can be a pretty big ask, especially if you’re making it up as you go.

But these days, it’s never been easier to make an idea happen.

  • Alibaba let’s you easily source cheap manufacturers overseas.
  • 3D printing means you can prototype for next to nothing.
  • WordPress means you can build a website without needing to know a single piece of code.
  • And tools like PayPal and Shopify do the same for online stores.
  • And if what you need is more complicated, Elance will find you cheap freelancers and Tweaky will make your small problems go away.
  • Pozible and other crowdfunding tools make raising capital easier than ever. And almost risk-free.
  • It’s easier to find grants and apply for them (like the Awesome Foundation).
  • Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn connect you with the friends of friends you need (like the time I needed a 3D printer).
  • Social media is a promotion engine and a research one too.
  • If someone is searching for something, you can tell them about your idea insanely efficiently through AdWords.
  • Between YouTube’s how-to videos, Wikipedia’s knowledge and the rest of the web – no question will go unanswered.
  • No matter what your passion, there’s a forum or website dedicated to it full of other like-minded people to talk about it.

Just having good ideas is not enough. It never has been. But now it’s easier than ever to make them happen. So get off your arse and move fast and break things.

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