Side Projects

I’m a big fan of side projects. Particularly those that support your main gig, even if it’s indirectly.

It goes without saying that the most successful people in this industry are the ones that do something on the side. Launching a line a bottled water, managing a band, running a resource for Juniors and a building a fashion blog are a few that come to mind from people I’ve worked with.

I’ve tried to have a few of these projects over the years. I built and sold a website which taught me some crazy good stuff and I’m pretty sure my local hockey club is the only one in Australia to have an SEO strategy.

In fact this blog was too once a side project while I was a student that resulted in my first job. Sadly when your side project essentially becomes your full time job it’s hard to keep passionate about a little old blog in my case. Hence why I’m lucky to post once a month these days.

With that said, this year I’ve got two major side projects I want to tackle. Within the next few months I want to launch a product, and after that develop a mobile app. That should be enough to keep me busy, and give me some time to think about what comes after that.

So what’s your side project and how does it support your main gig?

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