Thank The Brands You Like

Maybe I’ve been in advertising too long, but I can’t help but feel brands get it pretty tough.

Especially brands that actually contribute toward a customer’s life. Some of them meaningfully.

Yet all we see is brands being criticised and abused. Particularly on social media.

But what would happen if consumers thanked the brands they liked? Or recognised the role they played?

Turns out most people are pretty skeptical. Although my posts did generate some ‘random’ likes.
I don’t think we’ll be seeing ‘Thank The Brands You Like Day’ anytime soon. But I think it’s an interesting concept.
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  • Colin Jevons
    Posted at January 27, 2013 5:03pm, 27 January Reply

    Nice thinking Zac. I've always thought that if I can bother to complain in an attempt to improve service I am also obliged to praise when something is really good. As you know I work in an enormous bureaucracy and – after the initial shock wore off – this approach has worked really well for me. Apart from anything else, it means that complaints get more attention!

  • Dr Edward
    Posted at May 24, 2013 4:24pm, 24 May Reply

    I often thank brands or stores that do a damn good job. The other day I was in South Melbourne and both the shoe store and clothing store I visited were awesome, so I let them know about it.

    Fine form, Zac.

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