The Next Generation of Start Ups

I went paint balling on the weekend for the first time. Not only did I leave with a few welts across my back, but also with a feeling of how poorly the business was managed from a digital experience sense.

The website was hard to find and hard to use. It wasn’t intuitive and lacked a number of features that would make the process of organising 20 guys on a buck’s party much easier.

Everyone talks about the next generation of entrepreneurs starting up the next Facebook or Angry Birds, but I think there’s a bigger opportunity; your everyday businesses, particularly services. Paint balling, plumbing, computer repairs, and car washing; everyday analogue businesses.

But unlike their current-day counterparts, the next generation of business start ups will be run by digital natives. They’ll have killer websites (personalised, localised and mobile optimised) and will crush their competition in SEO.

I’m in half a mind to ditch this advertising nonsense and see what I could make of a paint balling business.

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  • Becoming a dragon
    Posted at September 15, 2011 3:30pm, 15 September Reply

    I agree with this on most points. Gen Y will not be able to stop them selves form having awesome websites.

  • tommy
    Posted at September 15, 2011 5:32pm, 15 September Reply

    Forget business owners not being able to stop themselves, a business that doesn't have these touch points one click away simply won't survive. I'm surprised they are getting by today.

  • Daniel Oyston
    Posted at September 19, 2011 5:26pm, 19 September Reply

    Ha! I often think exactly that. There are sooooo many businesses I am in contact with that could do it so much better.
    I get a newsletter from this jewellery lady (because I met her at an event once and we exchanged cards so she added me to the mailing list!).
    It’s the worst email you have ever seen. She’s a lovely lady, passionate, makes great jewellery etc but she has no clue how to do any of the stuff that we know could make her businesses even more successful.
    I often see businesses like this and think I could help them.
    I’d disagree though that the Digital Native’s will all have awesome sites etc on two fronts. One, as business owners they will probably be very time poor and not concentrate on it properly (which is really no different today) and two, what they could do quite easily today probably won’t be that awesome in 5 years time!
    Zac, I’d pay $50 to be allowed to get 20 clean paintball shots on you!

  • LachyW
    Posted at October 6, 2011 6:43pm, 06 October Reply

    A plumbing website that has IM chat and maybe a couple of video tutes for teeny tiny things that the plumber knows he doesn't need to visit you for and that embrace the "freemium" model. Or those could be premium services (e.g. pay $20 to access video on how to change a seal on a tap) An online booking form so you don't have to call or email. Emergency services. Etc…

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