Always Be Building

My post Move Fast and Break Things got a fairly good response so I decided to present it to some undergraduates last week. After the presentation I was talking to some students about Angry Birds Blog, the example I used of something they could build.

And then I let them in on a secret. Angry Birds Blog wasn’t the first thing I built. Nor will it be the last.

Some of you may remember an online business I tried to get off the ground that failed miserably. None of you know about a number of other websites I have that get less than 100 hits a month. And as we speak I have another project in the works for people who like beer.

It doesn’t matter if you build something and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t have to be a success for you to learn from it. And if it’s so bad that you need to pull the plug, then do so and go and build something else.

That’s the thing about the internet; you can always be building.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at September 18, 2011 10:11pm, 18 September Reply

    Hey Zac, i'm currently undertaking a marketing degree and thoroughly enjoy your blog and your drive towards this field. I am enjoying my course but i am over half way through my degree and still have no idea as to what particular job in marketing I should pursue. For that matter, I am still unclear of what sort of jobs there are as it seems to be ever changing. I am aware this list is seemingly endless but was looking for any advice you may have.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

  • Zac Martin
    Posted at September 18, 2011 10:34pm, 18 September Reply

    Anonymous, I guess start by deciding if you want to be client side or agency side. From there you can decide what type of agency (if you go that way) and what position within the agency.

    For the most part, the roles haven't changed dramatically with the exception of Digital. But there will always be people who need to manage relationships, people writing strategy and people thinking of ideas.

    Email me if you're after anything specific.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at August 1, 2012 11:00pm, 01 August Reply

    nice and thanks

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