Why I’m Ditching My iPhone

The gents over at Native Digital ditched their iPhones. And I thought I’d do the same, so for the month of May I’ll be iPhoneless, instead using this Samsung “burner” I picked up for $20.

For 31 days I’ll be without reliance on a permanent connection, satisfying my digital communication and technology needs through only a desktop. It could be a long month.

I’ll post the results here, but in the mean time you can follow my progress on Twitter through the #iphoneless hashtag. Although I’m not too sure how tweeting will go without my phone.

  • Jason Tsitsopoulos
    Posted at April 28, 2011 4:11pm, 28 April Reply

    Bro not using a smart phone isnt hard… I don't know what your complaining about

  • Scott
    Posted at April 28, 2011 7:07pm, 28 April Reply

    You can tweet via text message lol

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