Every Time Someone Likes This Post Another Shit Status Update Has Been Written

Here’s some fun statistics for you that I promise I didn’t make up.

  • 71% of peeps are becoming more selective regarding the pages they Like on Facebook
  • The two main reasons people leave pages are because updates aren’t relevant or are posted too often.
  • When this happens 19% of peeps do nothing, 38% block the posts from their News Feed and 43% unlike the page.

As more and more brands jump on the Facebook bandwagon, the market gets to a point of saturation and fans start to get choosey. There’s only so many times you can click the Like button.

The first-mover advantage was a win if you got there, but you probably didn’t which means you really need to be doing something of value on your page.

Most brands think the solution is to launch with a campaign and a media buy to build a foundation audience. Which usually works. But once that’s over, they spend the rest of the year when their budget runs out pumping out pointless status updates.

There’s only so many times you can ask someone to Like a status or fill in the blank. I know I’m guilty of it, where you write bait posts to crack a good level of engagement. But at some point people are going to start seeing past these shitty pointless status updates that don’t mean anything.

Instead, you need to be entertaining or useful. There’s enough brands trying the former (most of them failing), but not enough for the latter.

And I reckon one really useful post does better things for your brand and page than 20 pointless ones.


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