Worst Movies Ever

I’ve come to hate my DVD collection.

It was once something I was proud of; a collection of great movies that had grown considerably over the years. In fact movies were the only form of content I was willing to pay for, unlike the music and television shows I downloaded for free.

But I’ve realised it’s become an expensive waste of physical space, for many reasons.

Not only is the DVD case poorly designed and unnecessarily large, it’s quickly being replaced by Blu-Ray. And were I to update my collection to Blu-Ray, I’m certain even that would become obsolete within a few years. And while your standard definition DVD’s (which by the way I think are fine quality wise) seem to be on the way out, retailers have no problems stinging you $40+ for a new release.

And if I were to try and sell my collection today, I reckon I’d be lucky to get $5 for each one.

Unfortunately I can’t see myself paying for digital downloads, which means over time I’m going to steal the content to replace my current collection. I figure if I’ve paid for it once, I don’t need to again, right?

Now I only need to work out a way to download special features. And find someone willing to pay more than a gold coin for my collection.

Anyone else have the same frustration? How many people have as stack of CDs collecting dust?

  • johnny
    Posted at December 14, 2010 9:36am, 14 December Reply

    i completely agree. i still find myself buying dvds though… ah well.
    the other day i tried to convert my dust-collecting cds into mp3s to store on my hard drive. i got through about 4, then gave up.

  • BobJeffs [no space]
    Posted at December 14, 2010 9:39am, 14 December Reply

    A good friend of mine now only buys Criterion Edition movies, porn, or the weirdest weirdest stuff you'll ever see, the rest he steals.

  • Tom
    Posted at December 14, 2010 9:54am, 14 December Reply

    Went through this conundrum a couple of weeks back. I've quickly grown to love the absolute awesomeness that is Blu-Ray discs, rendering my DVD collection just sitting in piles. What I've decided to do is rip them to a hard drive and ship the discs back to my folks. I've yet to start though, I can't bear the sizeable time it'll take me away from other more enjoyable things .. like watching Blu-Ray.

  • Zac Martin
    Posted at December 14, 2010 10:09am, 14 December Reply

    Done. I've just started a new business.

    Drop your DVD's/CD's at my place and a few weeks later I'll post you a hard drive with all the content ripped onto it.

    Price negotiable.

  • Daniel Oyston
    Posted at December 15, 2010 4:34pm, 15 December Reply

    I do have a chuckle when I go to people’s houses and see large DVD collections. Especially when I very rarely watch a movie twice. Are they showing off? Why not keep them in a box in the roof? If you want to impress me with how movies you have just write it on a poster. Sometimes I think that they think that it is part of their decorating!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at December 16, 2010 2:20am, 16 December Reply

    Netflix and DVDFab. Done

  • Cynthia LaLuna
    Posted at December 16, 2010 3:18am, 16 December Reply

    I know quite a few people who buy movies just to watch them the first time instead of renting them, which is a colossal waste of money.

    We rarely buy movies to watch that we haven't seen before – that's what Netflix is for. Our DVD collection is quite small – it's only the "classics" we know we'd like to watch over and over – and we DO. About half of that collection is Tim Burton.

    We also don't steal intellectual property – although if you've already paid for it once, the lines DO get blurred morally, if not legally – but if you HAVEN'T contributed to compensating the people who worked so hard to create it – it's crystal clear.

  • Nick Malham
    Posted at December 21, 2010 9:48pm, 21 December Reply

    DVDs will soon become obsolete as CDs did and we will be managing them from an online app no doubt designed by Apple who by this time will be also managing our grocery shopping too. As for our old DVDs, well those who can be bothered to rip them will but considering we are the disposable generation we will more likely chuck them and buy the downloadable version. Exciting times.

  • Pablo
    Posted at December 28, 2010 2:47am, 28 December Reply

    I'm still in the DVD world. And I buy a lot of used dvds on Amazon… so there, you can make some money to go buy your bluerays

  • Anonymous
    Posted at October 21, 2011 9:18am, 21 October Reply

    @BobJeffs [no space]

    Why the heck would you buy PORN???

    That shite is free to download from anywhere and everywhere! Even the good stuff!!!

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