Sourcing From Twitter

I think the social media community manager role is going to explode over the next year or so. These roles will be responsible for looking after a number of small communities or have a full time gig looking after one big one. Even those that are large enough to run themselves require moderation to an extent.

And the role will be a broad one. They’ll require customer service skills, an understanding of how consumers use social media and technology, analytical skills, basic design skills and the ability to produce and source content.

And if you’re looking for one, I reckon the place to start is with your favourite Twitter personality. Find someone who fits your brand, produces relevant, regular content and manages their following well. Then bring them on board.

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  • Lauraaaa
    Posted at April 14, 2010 1:33am, 14 April Reply

    Sounds like how most comapnies are bought out. Find one thats done the work for you, and throw lots of money at them.

    For me, it's a whole new take on a celebrity endorsement. Except that most celebrities who endorse things aren't particularly ones that I admire so it just annoys me when they try to sell me something. If it's a mate or a fellow FBer, I'm game 😉

    Love how you just wrote a job ad, but you aren't hiring …!

  • lauren
    Posted at April 17, 2010 11:43pm, 17 April Reply

    … it's how i got my next gig, kinda.

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