Just Me

People often criticise myself and this blog because it’s incredibly bias. “But you’re just one person” or “You can’t base anything off a sample size of one” are often comments that people like yourself leave.

Well… no shit. But that’s all I’ve got. Every day I attempt to write about an industry I have very little experience in and certainly no money to fund some kind of research. So if you’re expecting anything more than an arrogant young blogger’s opinion, you’re better off reading something else.

Don’t get me wrong, I love comments that criticise, object, question and sometimes ground me. Often I change my opinion because of them. But just a heads up, there are plenty of more experienced bloggers out there, many of whom research a topic before they write about it. ;]

  • Jason Tsitsopoulos
    Posted at January 4, 2010 10:26pm, 04 January Reply

    Hey didn't they teach you at Syn… Never respond to your haters! It will make em hate you more!

    Look the thing is, the more critique and attention you get from marketers in power makes you get noticed by other powerful players that will want you on board with their business… Anyone who thinks your a fool their competitors will think your valuable and useful. Why? Because you give a point of difference. Everyone knows that in a company any company, the best way to create the maximum effectiveness is having a diverse range of people. It's called SYNERGY. Anyone else who disagrees obviously isn't maximising their full potential of their company.

    You keep doing what your doing and you'll get noticed… Hell your already noticed, what with the Super Shake stuff and that *** with a certain advertising company… Your only going to go from strength to strength…

    Power to ya!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at January 7, 2010 2:37pm, 07 January Reply

    But Zac, Pigs DO fly. They do!

  • ollie
    Posted at January 14, 2010 5:58pm, 14 January Reply

    You can't have it both ways- either you are "just you" or you are "Gen Y and the iGeneration". If it's an opinion blog then that's fair, just watch that your own biases & idiosyncrasies suddenly don't become "this is what (all) the kids are into".

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