Push This Hard

“Semi permanent” Julian Cole‘s blog is about to turn three. And to celebrate, he’s just posted about how his blog has changed over time to become more relevant to real world.

Unfortunately, not all of us have real world experience. In fact, this blog is based entirely off my own observations and insights. And with my own blog about to turn two on Saturday, I’ve been thinking a bit about my approach to blogging; that is to start fires and play the joker.

I came to a conclusion that is perhaps better explained with a diagram…

Let’s suggest the little man represents the current frame of mind for a reader. In order to get them thinking differently, sometimes you have to push harder than your actual point. Sometimes, you have to exaggerate.

To get someone to B, you may have to argue C just to get them to think differently. The somewhat extremist view or point I usually argue is perhaps not always the ideal, but to get a reader to shift to B it’s sometimes necessary.

It’s not always to best way to go about it, and yes it probably tarnishes my credibility (what credibility?) for some. But it’s the only way I know how and it works. Arguing logic doesn’t always work with the stubborn.

Sometimes, I see just getting someone to A is a positive step forward.

So Jules, this might be another rubbish revolutionary wanky post about social media, but congrats on three years anyway. No mean feat.

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