I Know, Enough About Vegemite

I’m sure you’re all over Vegemite talk by now. Buzz has spread itself across all media (see what I did there?) and you’ve probably never had more conversations about the black paste in your life.

But I suppose that’s the thing. Whether you think it was a good idea or a bad one, or a deliberate one or accidental, never in my life have I spoken about Vegemite so often. And never in my life have I been as passionate about original Vegemite.

I have no plans try the new one, I won’t even consider buying it and I’m totes over the whole “name our product” marketing campaign everyone seems jumping on the bandwagon with.

But fuck it made me realise how much I love original Vegemite.

  • the brown man
    Posted at October 5, 2009 7:18pm, 05 October Reply

    Hey Brother,

    And you're not alone … What it's done is remind many people of their favourable feelings towards their original product and the core of their business. That can only be a good thing. Hope you're well.


  • Jimmy
    Posted at October 5, 2009 10:52pm, 05 October Reply

    When I started reading this blog post I was in the middle of eating iSnack 2.0 on Savoys so can confirm it wasn't just successful at reminding us of our love of the original.

    PS. I know I shouldn't surf & eat…

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