Prezi Is Where It’s At

This is Prezi. It, or something like it, will hopefully make PowerPoint presentations obsolete.

After playing around with it a little, I’d say it takes a bit to get proficient with the way it works and for your basic presentations I’d probably stick with what you know. But for those of you who love telling stories and laying out your presentations visually, this tool is totally rad to the power of sick.

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  • Wags
    Posted at September 24, 2009 12:03am, 24 September Reply

    "Totally rad to the power of sick"!?!? Back to a teenager, Zac?

    I find the post powerful aspect of prezi is that it forces you to think about the structure of your presentation. If you use it properly, you build your presentation from a mind-map, so it's more likely to be consistent with the major themes of your message, rather than being locked into a "linear" format, as ppt forces us to use.

    I do hear, however, that Microsoft are exploring a non-linear feature within ppt, so let's hope that they learn a few things from the prezi team!

  • LachyW
    Posted at November 13, 2009 4:54pm, 13 November Reply

    I disagree.

    I think once you have Prezi down, you should never go back!! Forget ppt ever existed!


    There's another similar tool called Creatly:

    Haven't explored it in depth though.

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