Don’t Expect A Blue Tweeting Bird

I received an anonymous series of comments the other day on my post questioning the mainstream media’s portrayal of Twitter, part of which included, “I followed you thinking your Twitter account was an offshoot of this blog”, which they then stated was not at all the case.

I never really considered Twitter an extension of this blog. Although the main topic of conversation I tweet about is marketing and social media, it’s definitely far more personal and at times completely random. Some people say I tweet too much, especially about completely irrelevant stuff. And I say, well, you’re welcome to unfollow me.

That’s the kind of stuff I love about Twitter. Some of my favourite peeps on Twitter are a bunch of girls who talk about how stoned their house mate is or informing the world about what ever random adventure they’re on instead of writing their thesis. Far more interesting and comedic than mine or any other marketing wanker’s ramblings.

So to those of you who are expecting insightful and stimulating content from my Twitter account… too bad. But what about you guys, are your blog and Twitter account on the same page? And do you think this is it a problem if they’re not?

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  • James Rose
    Posted at August 19, 2009 11:41am, 19 August Reply


    Personally I have set up two twitter accounts with one being pretty much what you have described (although I still talk about football and occasionally plug my articles) and the other being more focused on the ContestedFooty brand (although I think I need to make it more personal to create a better relationship with our readers).

    Where that can fall down though, is when you forget which count you're logged in on (as some people I are followed by both accounts)

    Love the blog, Subscribed now,

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