Why The Government Is Better At Social Media Than You

Who’s behind the social media strategy for the Government? Because they’re doing a pretty fucking great job, on both the federal and state level. Probably far better than many brands. And when the Government is doing a better job than you, maybe it’s time to lift your game just a little.

Firstly, the bid for the World Cup is quite remarkable. The official website is, well, kinda cool as well as this totally rad video

Can you imagine Howard appearing in that video? Anyway, they’ve also got a pretty strong presence on standard social networks, but particularly their Twitter account looks pretty healthy. Developing somewhat of a community around already passionate people is a great idea. Using that community to achieve your goal is even better.

As not even a soccer fan, I’m impressed.

And the other great example that Will Egan told me about, is John Brumby’s YouTube campaign. Check out the video…

Great use of the medium and a great way to personalise things. Not even Obama is doing that, and we all know social media is the only reason he won the election. ;]

What do you guys think of these two campaigns?

  • Will egan
    Posted at July 11, 2009 8:21pm, 11 July Reply

    Hey zac, i think your 100% on the money here, kevin rudds twitter site is another example, he almost has 2 electorates worth of followers!

    Thanks for the shoutout too! Howd you like my submission to the premier?


  • @ireckon
    Posted at July 14, 2009 5:50pm, 14 July Reply

    Agreed it is good.
    The soccer video smells alot like teh long time AFL one kicking an AFL ball around.


  • Anonymous
    Posted at August 13, 2009 5:51pm, 13 August Reply

    Well done Brumby and even better done to whichever of his speech writers came up with "digital democracy" closer! I'm definitely going to pull that one out next time i'm shooting the shit 'round the water cooler.

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