The Email Said I Had To

Hello Zac,

I’m with the DVR Research Institute. Tomorrow, on May 1 we will be publishing results from a research project we conducted among 200 leading advertising executives on their strategic response to the increase in DVR viewership. Since Pigs Don’t Fly has been recognized as one of the most influential marketing blogs, we would like to share some EXCLUSIVE CONTENT with you from our study. With the upfront negotiations coming up, I thought that it may be interesting for your readers to take a glimpse at our extensive study.

Below the main body of this email I have included an overview of our methodology, key themes in the study and a few of our findings.

I have also included a summary of one of our findings that we are sharing exclusively with a limited number of very influential bloggers. Please feel free to post it in Pigs Don’t Fly , or contact me if you’d like to get a bit more information on this.

The email said I was free to post it here on this blog so I have.

But seriously, what is this rubbish? Just because this blog occasionally talks about the change of media consumption doesn’t mean I give a shit about the spam you send me. Other bloggers might be able to use it, but if I don’t want it then it’s spam. And just because it’s personalised with my name doesn’t mean it’s not unsolicited and unwanted. If you’ve got an attention to detail like me you’ll see they couldn’t even copy and paste correctly with extra spaces around the words “Pigs Don’t Fly”.

I normally wouldn’t give a shit but I’m starting to get one or two of these a week. If you can’t offer me genuine value then gtfo.

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  • katherineliew
    Posted at May 8, 2009 6:25pm, 08 May Reply

    It was a pretty bad mail merge. They managed to form an interesting divider between information by repeating my name about 15 times.

    It’s really awful when it’s clear they only looked at one of your posts and have no idea what your blog is about 🙂

    I have a theory about press releases and bloggers…do you think having random stuff sent to you (even if it’s useful) takes away the buzz you get when you realise you’ve just discovered something great to write about?

  • classymarketing
    Posted at May 8, 2009 7:49pm, 08 May Reply

    I also received this email (and a couple of other blogs I read seemed to as well!). I didn’t mind being contacted but not sure how ‘exclusive’ the content is when it is sent to numerous people

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