Wrong List Craig

I don’t know what it is, but lately a lot of content that has had me in tears. I feel like someone finally understood my sense of humour and is tailoring productions to meet my comedic needs. The latest is a series of posters by Craig. Pretty funny stuff. But turns out the idea and even the copy belongs to Chris.

If he were a brand I’d tear him to shreds. I don’t know where my moral compass stands in regards to non branded/commercial content. I’m leaning towards not cool.

But what’s is cool is the response. I’ve seen a few online, but here are two I spotted walking down Chapel Street today.

Admittedly they weren’t quite as funny as the originals (or fakes) but love the user generated responses that a popping up everywhere. Couldn’t get a better high resolution version, maybe if they’d written less and printed it bigger they would get more coverage online?

But what is rad, one of these was from a local bakery who wanted Craig to to join a club they started. For ten minutes work, what a great idea for a small business.

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