Social Media Strategy: Response v2

Last October I posted about two social media strategy models I had been working on. The first was Response and the second was Broadcast.

Taking on the advice of Gavin Heaton and Kate Richardson I have made some slight adjustments to the Response model. While I would recommend reading the original post, the key differences are the addition of measurement on behalf of the marketer and recognising the circular nature of this process.

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  • Jenni Beattie
    Posted at April 17, 2009 11:56pm, 17 April Reply

    Hi Zac,

    The model looks good agree it needs to be cyclical to allow for refinement.

    I developed up a similar model in 06

    As with all models they need refinement over time and I am currently working on much belated v2.


  • Daniel Oyston
    Posted at April 18, 2009 8:51am, 18 April Reply

    Zac, good work mate.

    A tip, I recon you should read the opening 5 para’s of this blog post

    It talks about “leaders” and their role once the community starts to get some momentum. Not sure “how” this element gets incorporated into your diagram(if u decide it needs to be) but happy for u to bounce ideas of me.

  • Gordon Whitehead
    Posted at April 20, 2009 8:10am, 20 April Reply

    Zac, looking good. But its to early in the morning for me to make any great contribution. I’ll be back.

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