Blogging About Blogging

And so we come to a new year. And with it, perhaps a new direction of my blog.

Perhaps you won’t notice the change but I will. A slight diversion in what I limit myself to posting with perhaps a slight less focus on social media. While this will still remain dear to this blog and this blogger’s heart, new media, Gen Y, technology, blogging and anything else that tickles my fancy will surely be covered.

Also different is a new design and a change in tone to perhaps some more fun and creative posts where I can. I’ve been inspired lately by the readings of many random non marketing blogs. That, along with the fact most people who know me would suggest I rarely take anything seriously, will together form perhaps a more casual approach to my blogging.

Should be a good year.

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    Posted at January 31, 2009 12:48pm, 31 January Reply

    Not more blogging about blogging about blogging about blogging! You’re gonna disappear up your own arsehole, Zac! 😉

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