Freedom Of Content

Chris Anderson is pretty much a genius. His work on The Long Tail is pretty much amazing and his latest ideas about Free have really taken my interest.

A couple of weeks ago I posted some of my concepts for new media business models. A couple of days later David Armano posted this diagram which lead me to Chris’s work.

In a moment of the light bulb going off in my head I realised my models almost perfectly fit the first three of his Models of Free.

Read both my post and his for a deeper understand but basically…

Punchbowl Model = Free 1 (direct cross subsidy, get one thing and pay for another)
Ninja Model = Free 2 (Ad supported, third party subsides second party)
Gervais Model and Radiohead Model = Free 3 (“Freemium”, a few people subsidise everyone else)

I just thought it was really cool to see some of my ideas backed up by theory. Chris even blogged about it here.

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