Stealing Social Currency

There are two things marketers seem to be obsessed with. The first is acronyms. The second buzz words.

And I love them both.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the term “social plagiarism”. Urban Dictionary defines it as…

“When one uses a story or anecdote that they received or overheard from another individual they know, and they do not cite the source. In turn, implying that they themselves are the original source of information.”
Let’s say for example a friend of mine named Seth told me exclusively he had a book coming out soon called Tribes. I tell my mate Julian who then tells Simon but fails to include me in that story, thus making it appear Julian and Seth are BFFs (acronym intended).

I find this particularly interesting, especially given the buzz lately around social objects and social currency.

Is this something marketers can capitalise on, helping stories spread with continual “first hand” experiences?

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  • Julian Cole
    Posted at September 16, 2008 3:01pm, 16 September Reply

    nice idea and great to see urban dictionary being held in such high regard! ; )

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