Purple Coloured Music

The first time you see a cow it’s exciting. The next time it isn’t. Unless it’s purple.

The first time you see a busker it’s exciting. The next time it isn’t. Unless they’re playing on your train.

I was on my journey home on the train last night when a young man with a trumpet jumped on and announced he would be playing a few songs. For the next twenty minutes during my ride out of the city I listened to a rather talented trumpeter.

Being the Uni student that I am, I rarely give to buskers unless they are remarkable. Yet I gave to this guy.

Matt Granfield has an excellent post on how anything can be remarkable if you make it, including brown shoe laces. And now buskers.

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  • Tannie
    Posted at September 17, 2008 6:05pm, 17 September Reply

    I’m assuming it’s a different guy but I had a really bad trumpeter do the same thing a few weeks back to me.

    It may have just been that he was simply overpowering my MP3 player but he did actually sound not that talented.

    I admit it is quite an interesting new and purple concept. As such it has a new affect on people because if you’re on a semi packed train it’s not as simple to get away from as the normal buskers. If I had not been a Uni student with a low tolerance to poor talent and a habit to carry cards instead of cash I may have just given in to temptation.

    However if you get untalented people saturating the train busking market it’s not long before the community at large becomes immune to it as well. Thus ruining it for all the good train trumps out there.

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