Happy Birthday Bronwen

I’m normally fairly good with people’s birthday yet I missed a friend’s yesterday. I only discovered it today when I opened my diary and realised the reason I forgot is because she doesn’t have a Facebook account.

I’ve come to rely on this tool but also many other aspects of social media. It hasn’t just given me more channels to communicate but has now become a main source of information and entertainment.

The way I contact people and stay in touch with them has changed with Facebook. The way I watch my favourite television shows has changed with YouTube, which has also opened up infinite hours of UGC. Similarly, the radio is streamed via podcasts. The daily read of a newspaper has changed with my RSS Subscriptions where I choose what I want to read.

Interestingly, these changes are all free. No wonder Generation Y is so reliant on social media.

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  • Julian Cole
    Posted at July 3, 2008 11:45am, 03 July Reply

    Happy Birthday Social Media! Woot Woot!

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