A Single Frame

Be sure to check out Marketing Today where Peter, Jules, Simon and myself discuss The Perfect Viral in Episode #64.

During this discussion a point was raised regarding the effective use of preview images on YouTube. Generally a hot female or a cleavage shot tended to give your video a higher view count. I also learnt, that this preview image is selected from the exact middle of your video.

Now take a look at Episode #1 of a fairly quirky series called Zeroes



If you have a keen eye like myself you might noticed at 1:57 a flicker of a frame. You might also notice that 1:57 is exactly halfway between the video.

The frame is of a blonde cheerleader. The same one as the preview. This user has gone to the effort of placing a frame in the middle of the content just to get a certain preview image.

Interesting. How long do you think until this becomes a common practice?

  • Stan Lee
    Posted at June 4, 2008 11:35pm, 04 June Reply

    It almost like inserting a subliminal image. The only difference being the image ends up appearing as a ‘tease’ for the video. Pretty clever I reckon.

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