Global Freezing

I am really big fan of Improv Everywhere, who are the creative group responsible for this Frozen Grand Central stunt…



There’s a load more Missions on the website, some dating back to 2001 that are worth checking out.

The group has generated a lot of interest lately, so much so that people have been organising their own stunts in their own countries. Check out their Ning site here to sign up.

Melbourne’s very own freeze is happening on the 29th of April at Federation Square. Do you think more than five people will turn up? If so, is this something the media will jump on?

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  • Julian Cole
    Posted at April 19, 2008 10:13am, 19 April Reply

    flash mobbing is something that brands have been trying to jump onto for years. There is only one good example in Australia. XBox had a massive waterfight on Bondi Beach. I have seen some footage online of the Canberra flash mobbing which was literally 5 people playing a game of tiggy. eek.

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