Giving And Taking

Mitch Joel just posted as to why blogging is more important than ever which raised some really interesting points. Even a small time blogger like myself can relate to the majority of them if not through my blog then through those that I read and comment on.

One point in particular got me thinking was the talk about the breakdown of cultural and geographical borders and the increased ease of global communication. An excellent concept but what stood out to me was where this increasingly growing new media trend falls on its face. All I ever really read about is the benefits of digital marketing not problems and issues, like this one which appears quite important.

Whilst we breakdown these walls and the world becomes a smaller place aren’t we at the same time building these walls higher and excluding some from the conversation? Two obvious examples to me are the those with lower socioeconomic statuses and those living in rural areas.

According to the ABS only 64% of Australian households have access to the internet and of those only 68% have access to a broadband connection. So how does a new media marketer target a struggling single mother of three or a drought stricken rural farmer?

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