Vary Your Vernacular II

Vary Your Vernacular is a small intermittent series designed to increase one’s vocabulary relating to all things Web 2.0.


n. sneeze·er
Coined by Seth Godin
, he defines it as “someone of influence in the community that spreads the word about a product or service”. Bascially, if a viral campaign is spread like a virus, then a sneezer is the person who spreads it.


n. flog
A portmanteau of the words fake and blog, usually found when a brand fails to be transparent with a negative outcome. Perhaps one of the best known examples was Sony
‘s All I want for Xmas is a PSP which significantly backfired when revealed.

word of mouse

n. word of mouse
The Web 2.0 version of word of mouth with the ability to spread much faster via the Interweb.

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