The Truth Is Out There

Or is it? In what was set to be a very creative campaign Sprite’s Thirst For Truth was launched a month ago. Appearing as a cross between the Chaser’s War On Everything and Hamish and Andy, Truth Hunters AJ and Nicos aim these three minute videos at 16 to 24 year olds in an attempt to uncover “unspoken, brutal honest truths”.

The campaign has your usual vitals; a Facebook page, YouTube channel, blog and more but it seems the campaign hasn’t quite received the attention they wanted. A contest asking for user submissions of people videoing their own Truths didn’t receive a single entry. Promotions were run through billboards, bus sides and a cinema spot, yet $500 and a free trip to Sydney went unnoticed. Even after a month, I only heard about this campaign through someone at Naked Communications.

It raises the question, does new media require old media? Can you successfully market a campaign digitally without a traditional launch? Perhaps in two years things will be different but at least here in Australia and now in the present a thirty second spot would have benefited this campaign greatly.

  • Paul
    Posted at August 19, 2008 10:07pm, 19 August Reply

    I made my own little critique of this campaign here

    To echo your point, the content just didn’t have the forward-to-your-mates factor. In such a circumstance it became plain brand advertising, which in turn means that they probably needed a TV campaign to give it a push.

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