The C Word

I am honestly shocked that I lasted four months blogging without mentioning the C word… Connex. Rather than tell you the numerous horrific stories I’ve heard about Metlink, its going to be easier (and quicker) to take a look at their latest campaign.

I’m sure you can remember only last year when the hopeless Martin Merton campaign was run, headed up by a Doctor who had a PhD in Train Etiquette. On similar lines, Metlink launched its latest yesterday; Karma Central. According to mX, this will involve giving away free coffee vouchers to paying customers in an attempt to stop fair evaders.

There are a lot of things going for the latest move by Metlink. I love the idea that this time they are encouraging their consumers rather than punishing them like the previous campaign. I also find the billboards and print media rather humorous and the website has a really great, innovative design.

So where does it fall down? Simply the concept. No matter how much you spend on promotion and advertising, you can’t market anything successfully without an acceptable product to start with. Instead of blowing your budget on an expensive campaign, put your money towards running a reasonable service where people don’t blog about you because they hate your brand.

Instead of offering me a free coffee, why not give me a seat I’ve already payed for?

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