The Quick Brown Fox Fails

Mozilla Firefox have launched their latest campaign; Fight Against Boredom via this video



Last time, I commented on what a great campaign Mozilla ran but this time I feel differently. The video here is lacking. It looks cheaply done, isn’t funny, controversial or even interesting. With the exception of Chocolate Rain weblebrity, Tay Zonday, the clip doesn’t have anything that gives me the urge to spread this so called viral.

I expected so much more… but that quick brown fox may yet jump the lazy dog. If you go to the website, you need a username and password to get in. Is this a mistake on the website design or something incredibly brilliant to get blogger’s like myself talking? It certainly would help fight the boredom trying to crack the puzzle.

Failed campaign or mystery in the works?

Edit: Turns out it was somewhat of a failed campaign. The website was launched prematurely and the video was not approved by Mozilla. The website has since had restricted access placed over it, but perhaps they could still turn this into something?

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    Posted at January 9, 2008 6:13pm, 09 January Reply

    i love you, tottaly mind blowing work. Cant wait to see you in classes next semester

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