Affluenzing Americans

Mitch Joel just posted about an interesting mini series titled The Story Of Stuff With Annie Leonard.

It raises some really good points regarding the consumption of products particularly the way in which we produce and dispose of these. But I could not overlook the rather negative view taken on us marketers.

“What’s the point of an ad except to make us unhappy with what we have?” says Annie Leonard, portraying a rather naive and simplistic look at the most basic form of advertising. Some what conicidently, I just purchased Clive Hamilton‘s book Affluenza which I’ll be sure to discuss upon reading.

  • Mitch Joel - Twist Image
    Posted at December 10, 2007 10:23pm, 10 December Reply

    I agree with your comment and I also feel that the more we bring negative comments out into the open, discuss them and talk about them, the more we can see what consumers are really looking for and create they type of dynamic content they are expecting.

    Advertising should link needs to products and services… that’s what we do 🙂

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