2007: Year Of The Chicken

Like every marketing blog, article or podcast you’ve read or listened to lately, its time to reflect upon 2007. I have no awards to give out or predictions to make, but merely wanted to discuss the brilliant marketing of perhaps my favourite food chain; Nando’s.

There’s so much going for these guys its hard to know where to start but what stands out most is their advertising. Whether its their commercials, print media or campaigns; they’re all brilliant. Their website has just a few examples used in Australia.

Their Nando’s Fix Gum campaign was genius. Great word of mouth qualities and even more so when they gave away free gum at their stores. Check out the spot here



According to The Australian, this was the most complained about advert of 2007.

A similar campaign was run last year with Nando’s Fix Patches. Whether its in the newspaper or on display in their restaurants, their print ads are also always witty or funny, most importantly highly talkaboutable. Recently FHM ran a free poster giveaway through Nando’s which I wrote in for. I received a letter in the mail saying “We know its not as good as the chick on page 29, but we thought you may like a meal on us!” with a free meal voucher attached. The note was hand written.

I’m looking forward to Nando’s’ marketing campaigns throughout 2008.

Also, if you’re interested in other trends and news from 2007, Julian Cole linked me to Most Contagious 2007. Its also worth checking out the 2006 edition.

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  • Anonymous
    Posted at May 2, 2008 12:45pm, 02 May Reply

    How the hell do you think this campaign is awesome, you either have rocks in your head, or like watching pure shit, are you a CD?

  • Julian Cole
    Posted at May 5, 2008 1:37am, 05 May Reply

    Wow Anonymous! How did you know that Zac was a CD, did you read that in his about me section!

    Apart from it having no match with the brand vision of Nando’s it is actually not that bad an ad. It grabs your attention and I think you are more likely to remember the link to Nando’s than alot of the other junk on TV atm.

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