What Is Pigs Don’t Fly?

Welcome to Pigs Don’t Fly, a new blog written by yours truly, Zac Martin.

I am an undergraduate student at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. I’m studying a Bachelor of Business (Management) / Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and its because of this that I’ve decided to start my own blog.

The blog will focus on the most part on marketing, particularly keying in on innovative marketing campaigns across Australia. Inspired by numerous blogs and podcasts, I’ll soon make a link to these when this blog is customized correctly. I also have a logo and other images in the works, which will be uploaded when possible.

At this stage the blog will be infrequent depending on my time and content available.

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  • Julian Cole
    Posted at October 24, 2007 5:32pm, 24 October Reply

    Hey Zac,

    Good to see you starting to blog, good move! Cant wait to see logo images and your posts.


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